The Bizzotope Group has just turned 5!

by Stefaan Lambrecht


The Bizzogroup just turned 5

Another important milestone for the Bizzotope group has come: we are now officially 5 years old! Avola Decision and Bizzomate are celebrating this milestone by looking back on the past 5 years, and forward to the years to come.

Meerssen: the first office

Our story started in Meerssen (NL), where the first Bizzomate office was set up. As time has passed, we have grown. We’ve welcomed new colleagues and clients, started new projects together and opened new offices to accommodate our growth and diversification. While we no longer have an office in Meerssen and opened other several offices, we still share the same values today as we did on our first day.

Culture and values

Business is not only centered on delivering valuable products or services. For the past 5 years, we have based our company on the 4 Ps: professionalism, prestige, passion and pleasure. We want our coworkers to be challenged and have fun while tackling new projects, to create an informal yet professional culture in which everyone can feel at ease and fulfill his or her ambitions. 

We’ve also held on to the value of giving back to the society we live in. Each Avola and Bizzomate coworker spends 10% of their workweek as a volunteer. Each coworker chooses a social profit organisation to work with, and finds a way to contribute to their working. While our colleagues and projects have grown in number, we still find a way to include corporate social responsibility into our working week.

S​hare your successes (and failures)

While we love nothing more than to celebrate a successful project, we take time to talk about the mistakes we have made as well. The only way to completely avoid making mistakes would be to do nothing at all. We continuously encourage our coworkers to act and take initiative. And if they fail, to share their mistakes with others so they may learn too.

But we can’t end this announcement on a low note. So let’s take some time right now to celebrate the successes of the past 5 years together!